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The moments that define us as nurses and healthcare professionals are the same ones that challenge us to our very core and empower us to persevere in the most trying times. So it was with Florence Nightingale and her vision for the future of nursing. And today, nurses are a testament that it has come to fruition.

As we reflect on the past, there’s a clear correlation to what we’re facing now in the fight against COVID-19. The practices that defined Nightingale’s innovative and visionary work then are the same ones we employ today—two centuries later—to treat patients and fight infectious diseases:

  • Sanitizing and handwashing
  • Utilizing data and science in the art of nursing
  • Securing the proper supplies
  • Distancing patients as a preventative measure
  • Believing that home is the best setting for care

Perhaps the most insightful words ever penned by Nightingale were recorded precisely 150 years ago:

“It will take 150 years for the world to see the kind of nursing I envision...”

Florence Nightingale, 1870
This is a powerful insight into our present reality. Some might say she literally predicted this moment.
To Nurses Everywhere:

Thank you for your relentless commitment to care!

In honor of National Nurses Week, the 200th birthday of Florence Nightingale and the “Year of the Nurse,” Interim HealthCare salutes nurses for the selfless sacrifices they make every day. Amid this health crisis, you have stood on the front lines of this battle and you have not backed down. Our gratitude for you and all that you do is beyond words. At Interim HealthCare, we think you’re amazing!


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A Day of Comfort and Care

Share Your #FloMent

Florence Nightingale changed the course on nursing history through her forward-thinking ideas and resolute commitment to her calling as a nurse. In her honor, we’re asking nurses to share their most inspired moments and include the hashtag, #FloMent. Join in on the moment of reflection and gratitude.

FloMent noun (ˈflō-mənt)
1. A defining moment in your nursing career inspired by Florence Nightingale;
2. A time when your career aligned with the character, convictions and vision that made Florence Nightingale extraordinary.

Social Goodies

A history lesson for the family.

Please join us in reflecting on all the amazing contributions Florence Nightingale gave to nursing, and help your children understand the heroic role that nurses play in our lives

Why Home Care Is A Great Career Choice...

As a home care nurse, you are a lifeline of support to your patients and their family. Rather than rushing from one patient to the next, you are immersed in their individual lives and invested in their day-to-day care. Home care gives you the hands-on, personal care experience that inspired you to become a nurse.

Benefits of Being an Interim Home Care Nurse:

  • Competitive pay
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Oversee a patient’s entire care plan
  • Get to know your patients and their stories
  • Full perspective of needs, challenges and progress
  • Variety of assignments and experiences

About Interim HealthCare

Interim HealthCare® is the nation’s first home care company and a trusted employer to 75,000 healthcare professionals annually. Distinguished by their HomeLife Enrichment® holistic approach to care, they engage the mind, body, spirit and family to deliver an optimal care experience. Through 300+ locally owned offices, Interim provides 25 million hours of home care to 190,000 people every year.

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